Gromit – to draw on the screen during presentation

When making presentations of the Gimp  one remains busy often moving the
mousepointer around the point of interest until hopefully everybody
noticed it. This annoyed me, since it is a very vague way to highlight
something. Gromit is  a small programm which allows me to simply draw
on the screen, ignoring any window-borders.

The main usage problem of Gromit is its activation. You need a special
command to make Gromit grab the mouse, since you typically want to use
the program you are demonstrating and highlighting something is a short
interruption of your workflow.

Gromit offers two ways to make this possible. It grabs the "Pause" key, so
that no other application can use it and it is available to Gromit only.

If you are doing a presenation make gromit active using commad line from a terminal screen and later use the pause key and its combinations
The available commands are: 
Pause: toggle painting 
SHIFT-Pause: clear screen 
CTRL-Pause: toggle visibility 
ALT-Pause: Quit Gromit.